Baz Tutorials


I began making video tutorials on the Max/MSP/Jitter software environment in 2009. I was learning Blender at the time, and found the video tutorials on YouTube infinitely helpful. I also had completed most of what was going to be a book on Max/MSP/Jitter. For me, the important aspect that separates my tutorials from the majority of learning materials out there is that the focus is on making/processing sound and video rather than trying to teach the software as though it were being used for some abstract purpose.
This year I started making “Patch-A-Day” videos, which are designed to cover much more specific concepts of Max/MSP/Jitter programming.
I also plan to create a set of videos under the title “Connecting Boxes”, for which I will re-record many of the Baz Tutorials and Patch-A-Days and contextualize them within a broader framework of the aesthetics and techniques of visualization and sonification.
Baz Tutorials can be found on YouTube.

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