Plague Round


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This installation reflected on the economic recession. Outside the installation, a 3D animation acted as a hawker on a boardwalk – trying to entice people to enter. Inside, there were two pieces: a fish pond and a fortune teller.
In the fish pond, the names of companies bailed out by the government were animated and projected onto a ceiling fan on the floor. Visitors had control over the fan speed. A wiimote was mounted on a fishing pole to allow users to “catch” the fish and score points.
The fortune teller consisted of pre-recorded video of my son-in-law, with motion sensing to trigger various parts of the video. None of the fortunes told were very encouraging.
Plague Round plays with ideas of time and space. Folks visiting the installation move from the outside space (time) where promises of wealth and happiness are juxtaposed with the grim realities of the inside space (time).
The photos above were captured in the inside space, and the video below is an excerpt of the animation shown outside.

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